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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Getting Money back from your Credit Card

When looking for credit card, I look at how I can get money back, so far I found two ways:
  1. Redeem the points for Vouchers.
  2. Money back.
The following are the credit cards in Malaysia I have reviewed and thought I will share them with you:

Hong Leong Bank
Supplementary card fee - RM 40/-
Uses points (1 point for RM1/-) - Accumulate points that can be redeemed for vouchers. Redeeming for KFC Voucher the rate is 0.42%.
You can get additional points from other bank services such as loan.

Citibank Malaysia
Cash Back card
Annual Fee: RM 90/year
Supplementary card: RM 60/year
0.2% on the expenses.

-- Shell Card
Annual Fee: RM 90/year
Supplementary card: RM 60/year
Fuel Rebate of 1.5% - only from Shell (non Fuel purchase 0.5%)

Public Bank
Annual Fee: RM 75/year
Supplementary: RM 45/year
Rate of return:

Total Monthly Retail Purchase Tier %
Up to RM3000 0.3
Up to RM10,000 0.5
RM 10,001 and above 0.6

Annual Fee: RM75/year
Supplementary: Free (up to 3 cards)
Rate of return 0.5%
Restriction: Have to restrict up to 30,000 points (RM1 Retail expense per point) before you can redeem.

Annual Fee: RM80/year
Supplementary: RM 40/year
Redeeming to KFC Voucher the rate is 0.45%

Annual Fee: RM 60/year
Supplementary: RM 30/year
Redeeming for KFC Voucher the rate is 0.6%.

-- Petronas Card
Annual Fee: Free for life
5x treat points until July 31, 2008

Annual Fee: RM 70/year
Supplementary: RM 35/year
But you can get one of the free for Life (Graduate, etc).
Redeeming for KFC Voucher the rate is 0.5% (but have to pay RM6.50 for courier fee).

-- Petronas Card
Annual Fee: Free for life
Supplementary: RM 35/year
2% rebate on Petrol from Petronas up to a max of RM 50/- per month.
0.5% rebate on other purchases.

Standard Chartered Bank
Joining Fee: RM 20/year
Annual Fee: RM 90/year
Supplementary: RM 50/year
Redeeming for KFC Voucher the rate is 0.4%

--Motorist Card
Annual Fee: RM90/year
Supplementary: RM 50/year
2% rebate on fuel purchase @ BHP station.

UOB Card
There is already a good write up on this card @ the following blog:
As Good As Cash Back - UOB One Card?
As mentioned in the blog above it is rebate and not cashback and is only restricted to be used in Participating retailers.

Annual Fee: RM70/year
Supplementary: Not mentioned but expect will cost something.
Redeeming for Pizza Hut Voucher the rate is 0.39%. (does not have redemption for KFC).

Alliance Bank
Annual Fee: RM 68/year
Supplementary: RM 20/year
Monthly Expenses      Tier %
0 - 200 0.5
201 - 350 0.6
351 - 650 0.8
651 - 1000 1.30
Note that there is a condition that expenses above RM1000 for the classic account will not be awarded any cash back.

MBF Card
I was unable to find out the annual fee for the card.
MBF Card awards Bonuslink points 3 points for every RM 10/- spent
Parkson RM10/- for 960 points.
That comes out to 0.34%

Note that this review assumes that you are paying your monthly fee in full. That way, you will not incur additional fee that will offset any advantage of getting money back.
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