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Learning Technical

With the current financial crisis happening globally, the stock market has dropped significantly.  It is true that some of the shares have recovered but majority have not. Now that a lot of people are trying to find safe haven for whatever funds they have left, it may be a time to buy shares.

I used to subscribe to the notion of buy and hold but that has caused me to lose a significant amount of funds. Maybe, investment should be a mixture of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. A lot of books and sites have been written on both topics.

So the question remains, how do you start. For the U.S. share market a lot of sites provide tools to perform such analysis but in other countries, there isn't as much. So what is the alternative. One of the tools I found that can be obtained for free to help learn / self study technical analysis is chartNexus. You can download and install the tool and it provides a daily update (End Of Day) data for a lot of different countries. The…

A joke I told my son

What do you get when a cat hit a pillar?

A cat-a-pillar.

WildLife Sculpture

I received this email from a colleague and found it to be absolutely beautiful.

The website of the artist is found at: