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Gong Xi Fatt Chai - Happy Chinese New Year

Welcome the year of the Brown Earth Ox. The end of the Earth Rat brought a lot of chaos worldwide. With the strength of the Ox and its ability to work the earth, here is hoping to a more productive and prosperous 2009.

The following are some photos of a lion dance and dragon dance I took with my hand phone. Unfortunately, the phone was not able to take the action sequence clearly.

The dragon:

The Lions:

Anyway, my daughter enjoyed the whole thing even though it was very noisy. She has grown since her first encounter (she was terrified then).


I thought I would share with your some beautiful bamboo trees I saw near the Botanical Garden in Penang.

These are the green ones:

These are the yellow ones:

Bamboos are used in a lot of Chinese arts and Feng Shui to ward off evil spirits. You can get some information here.

Carps - Symbol of Wealth and Prosperity

There are a lot of carps in the Out Door Theme Park at Genting Highlands. In fact, some have witness truck loads being loaded in the pond.

I took several photos here for those who have not been there to enjoy.

See the waterfall just behind the fish pond:

Recently, they have started selling fish food for visitors to feed them.

Notice the carps are very hungry, so much so some of they will swim on top of each other to get at the food.

For those who are interested in the significance of carp, more information can be found here.