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Problems With S View Cover for Note 3

Note 3 is already more than a year old and is superseded by Note 4. However, I have had it for slightly over 6 months.  I decided to treat myself with the S View cover mainly because it allows me to take pictures without unlocking my phone. I missed a few photo opportunities while struggling to unlock my phone.
Sadly, I was not aware of the many issues plaguing this product. The following are the ones I am aware of.
Repeating Calendar Events
Calendar events keeps repeating themselves even after we dismissed them. Initially I thought it was because I did not dismiss the event correctly. However, I found the following thread discussing the issue. The problem is the S-Planner for Note 3 which comes with KitKat is not compatible with S-View cover.
A temporary fix is to install the S-planner for S5. The apk is available from XDA Developer. Note that you will need to reinstall the apk each time you reboot the phone.
This problem does not affect everyone. Some of my friends are not affected.