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Getting money from your Petrol - Update

I just received a flyer from Direct Access indicating that you can get 2 % rebate on your purchases from any of the petrol stations.

However, there are a few condition:
The maximum expense on any one month is RM2,500/- (or RM 50/-) rebate.I did not see how long the offer will last.
With this offer, we can potentially get the maximum of 3.5% rebate from petrol (that is 2% from the card and another 1.5% from the Smiles card - Esso and Mobil).

This is an update to my earlier posts:

Interloper View: Getting Money back from your Credit Card
Interloper View: Getting Money back from your Petrol

Getting Money back from your Petrol

When filling up petrol for your car in Malaysia, it is possible to get some money back.
The rate of return can be increased with the combination of credit card (see my previous post on getting money back from your credit card).

BHP Petrol (previously known as BP)
You can accumulate points either using BHPs own card or using Genting's World Card.
Swipe your Genting card after your credit card - some of the stations require you to go to the counter.
If you accumulate the points using Genting's Worldcard, it is equivalent to cash
Points will expire after 3 yrs.
100 points = RM 1/-
Unfortunately the points can only be redeemed in Genting Highland.
Return rate is 1%.
Additional Note: You can accumulate more points for other participating merchants.

Points can be obtained using Bonuslink.
Very important note that you are required to Swipe your Bonuslink card 1st before your credit card (different from all other stations). Failing which you will not accumulate any points.
Points accumula…