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Lessons Learned Towards Gaining Fitness

In order to reach my two year goal in gaining fitness, I needed a way to measure my progress. I decided that the easiest way is to purchase Omron Body Composition Monitor HBF-375. The purchased serves two purposes:
Provide me a way to measure my progress. Sends a message to my subconscious mind that I am serious about this goal. Awareness is the first step. Once I committed myself, I started to become more conscious about what I ate and the size of my portions. Too often, I ate even though I was not hungry, this increased the amount of calorie intake which increased my weight and fat percentage.

Here are some things I noticed as I lost some of my body weight:
It is relatively easy to defer my hunger after work by doing some workout. I can satisfy the hunger with dinner (instead of snacks).It takes about two hours before my body realizes it is full. This lag causes me to eat too much and feel bloated afterwards.Beef is more filling compared to pork and pork is more filling compared to …