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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Mobile@Unifi Review

Telekoms has been pushing the Unifi branding on all its products. The latest product to use this branding is a mobile prepaid service called mobile@unifi. During the three months promotion period, the sim card is given free (list price is RM10/-). Each person is allowed to request up to 5 sims.

The first one million sims come with 20GB data, 10 minutes talk time and 10 sms. To me it looks like a great deal. An excellent opportunity to test the dual sim feature on my new phone. However, using dual sim significantly reduces the the battery life due to the use both antennas. Initial experience was good in terms of coverage, probably because I was with the city limits. When I first started using the sim, it was H+ but turned to 4G when I went for lunch. While using for the past 3 weeks, I had only had two occasions where the 4G signal was on but I could not browse the internet.

However, when I tested the speed, it was disappointing; even though 4G was indicated but the download speed was only 1.1 to 3.0, upload speed was less than 0.1. Speed for hotlink was 8.7 for download and 4.3 for upload.

The idea of being able to carry forward the quota is great but the rules for keeping the line active was confusing. I suspect, I just need to top up RM 10 every 90 days for 2 months and then on the third month buy one add-on. However, I do not plan to try it since I like my existing service and am not willing to settle with the reduced battery life for using two sim cards.

Also, I am not sure if I set the unifi line for data, would it failover to my hotlink line in places with no coverage for unifi. If that happens and I do not purchase a data pass for my hotlink, it would actually cost more than the savings I hope to obtain by using unifi for my data.