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One of the joys of visiting Botanical Garden is to see the monkeys roaming around freely. However, most of the time, I only observed one kind of species.

Recently, I found another kind. Here are the two species I saw:

Appreciating Botanical Garden

Botanical is the first garden established in Malaysia in 1796. The history can be found here. I love jogging there surrounded with beautiful flowers and trees.

I thought I'll share of the beauty here:

There is also a stream right through the garden:

This is just outside Botanical Garden a site usually used by scouts for camping:

QiGong in Botanical Garden

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There are various groups performing Qi Gong in various parks in Penang and around Malaysia.

This is a picture of the group that does it on Sunday from 8 am to 9 am. The group is very popular and normally break into subgroups during the weekday adjourning at various spots on the island.


I thought I would share with your some beautiful bamboo trees I saw near the Botanical Garden in Penang.

These are the green ones:

These are the yellow ones:

Bamboos are used in a lot of Chinese arts and Feng Shui to ward off evil spirits. You can get some information here.