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How to send a link that will add a calendar subscription

If you have a calendar that you want to help a friend subscribe, this is how you do it:

Send them a link with the following <url> followed by the calendar id.

The url is as follow:

For example, if the calendar id is

then send them a link as follow:

Try it out by clicking here.

When the link opens, Google Calendar will ask whether or not to add the calendar

The Malaysian School Holiday calendar is used in this example

Google Platform for Management Part 1

The following are some of the ways I use Google platform to manage my time, team and projects.


For simple reminders to perform something on a given day, a calendar entry works best. Set it either to occur once or repeat daily, weekly or monthly. Examples for such reminders are: writing weekly reports, paying subscriptions, having a regular 1-on-1.

Task Follow ups

To follow up on tasks, the task option is best. There are two ways of creating tasks.

Click on add to task while you are reading a mail. When you do that the tasks will have a link to that mail. Only one mail can be linked to a task. Create a task directly.

The task option is great when you need to take notes and keep track of progress, you can place notes in the task and change the due date of the task as you proceed. However, there are limitations to the task feature.

The entries in the task is personal and cannot be assigned to others. If you are using the browser interface, you cannot set a reminder for it to pop up lik…