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Removing Skin Tags

I do not remember when I skin tag first appeared on my neck. Skin tags may appear cosmetic, but I have some tags that feel sore, the kind of soreness that seem to come from the nerves.
At first, I did not know what to do with the tags, but luckily for me, my wife came up with a way to remove the tags. She pulled a strand of her hair and tied the tag. The tag will turn black and fall off together with the hair. This approach was effective until my wife decided to shorten her hair and her eyesight started to deteriorate.
Since then I tried looking for alternative ways of removing the skin tags. One of the approaches is to apply apple vinegar on the tags. I tried it, but it did not work for me, either because of the way I applied or because I had not applied it frequently enough (I applied it only at night because of the strong smell of the vinegar).

I considered freezing the tag using hydrogen peroxide - treatment used to remove benign warts. The pharmacist recommended an alternative sol…

Solution to GooglePlus Photo Autobackup Failure

I previously wrote about unlimited storage I found on internet. One of them happens to be Google Plus. Using Google Plus app on Android, you are able to turn on auto backup for all the photographs taken using your Android phone.
This worked well but I found the backup stopped working properly - it stopped uploading my photographs. Initially, I thought it was my account because I was able to log into another account and get those photos uploaded and when I logged into my original account, the upload worked. However, that trick only work once.

There is now an option in Google Plus to either upload your photos in full size but you are only given 15 Gbytes free space (this will may change with the unified storage - where all Google products will share the space) or use standard size with unlimited free storage.
Recently, I came across the following article. I did some experiment and found that the application had difficulty uploading photos that are more than 5 Mega pixels. After reducing th…