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Merry Christmas - 2 x

Christmas is celebrated by christians world over on Dec 25. It is a time of great rejoicing to remember to coming of Jesus Christ and to celebrate good will among all people.

As a Chinese descend, we celebrate Christmas twice. A few days prior to the Dec 25 - around Dec 21, we also celebrate Chinese Christmas (also known as Winter Solstice). To celebrate this festival, we typically will make Tangyuan. However, it has been several years since we actually made it ourselves. The preparation is very tedious since we have to grind the rice etc. Nowadays we will buy the dough from the market, we just make it into circle and cook it in sugar syrup.

In Hockien language, we call it Ee (or circle - literal translation). It usually comes in multicolor. This year, we bought ones with crushed peanuts and sugar in them. My children call them "Ta Bah Kuih" which is another type of pastry that they are used to eat.

A matter of balance

As part of my fastestman training, I have been reading a couple of books. In the book Run Fast: How to Beat Your Best Time--- Every Time, it mentions that we have slow twitching muscles and fast twitching muscles.

It got me into thinking, why that is the case then I thought about another book - A mind at a time I read about how our brain consist of short term memory and long term memory. Then I think about how our muscles and bone structure is put together, look at your hand and legs, upper part of the leg is shorter and the lower part is much longer. Same with the arms.

Nature is designed that way, and it seems to be the most efficient way for our body to work. So I am surprise that whenever we look at others, we expect others to be the same as us so we judge them by our own standard. Maybe we should stop that, others are there to create a balance. Look at them as pieces that will make our world whole.

Good or Bad - Hard to say!

I received the following stories from two colleagues and thought I would share it here:

First story

Once upon a time, an old man lost his horse, his neighbor consoled him.
The old man said : Good or bad, hard to say.

After a while, the male horse bring back a group of horses from the jungle. His neighbor congratulate him.

Old man said : Good or bad, hard to say.

The old man's son upon getting so many horses, rode on the wild horse and fell down, with a broken leg.

His neighbor consoled him.

Old man said : Good or bad, hard to say.

Then comes the recruitment for rookie/soldiers as it was war against the neighboring country,
the old man's son was not called upon due to his broken legs, so the old man can have his son
live together with him, while his neighbors' sons, most of them died in the battle.

Second Story

Once upon a time, there was a king. The king liked one of his followers very
much because he was very wise and always gave very useful advice. Therefore the
king took him along w…

Careful when buying Oranges this New Year

Not sure how true this is, just received it from a colleague.

Do not the recent Chi Jiezi ah!
Sichuan this year, the Orange suffered a disaster of the parasite, called Orange maggots and parasites visible to the naked eye. Far from clearing the light orange skin can not see, it is necessary that each of the orange outside of the skin layer is also Bodiao can see!
It is said that the Government catty to a few cents of the purchase price of orange fruit in the hands of the disease and then buried, but there is still secretly Caimixinqiao fruit of the disease out of the wholesale orange!
So now the market's orange-chuan to be careful! Huaxi Dushi Bao is said to have written this, does not know the truth, but we still pay attention to what you

"I Changzhemeda, has not seen in the orange of the flap of meat hidden in so many maggot Yazi, really strange ... ..." 3 pm, the Jiachuan in the town of Guangyuan Wang Cangxian cock of the mountain orchards, Dan Qiaocun Six groups of 67-…