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Life-size Transformers

This is the first time we have life size Transformers in Penang. It is currently on display. It is here from June 9 through July 13. I read about it the day before I had to go outstation and did not get a chance to view the exhibit until recently.

Only Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee are on display. As with the Batman exhibit in Pavilion, this was also a marketing event. One had to spend RM200 in a single receipt for the privilege pose next to the exhibit. Since the Transformers were very big, I was able to get some good shots without having to spending money.

I thought of sharing some of the shots I took. I am looking forward to watch the latest movie at the end of this week.

The following was near the cinema located on 8th floor. Not as impressive as the exhibit available on the ground floor.