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Automatic Versus Forcing Action

I almost missed out on the three dollars I earned in ExpertsColumn. I revisited the site and noticed that I had request a cash out to collect my earning before the June 11 deadline. I wonder how many writers on the site missed out of their earning because they failed to take action before the deadline. I thought that by asking them about the payout when the first announced the change in their policy, that they would send me the payment when they lowered the threshold.

Most other websites just ask you to set the limit and send you the payment automatically once you reach the threshold. I prefer sites that do it this way. To me the lower the threshold the better since I do not have to worry about losing what I have already earned when the site owner decides to close down the site. In this few months alone, we have seen several sites stop paying their writers. At the age of convenience where we subscribe to automatic payment for our bills, why should we have to remember to request for pay…