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Get Rid of the Task Killer

This is a follow up from my last blog posting. It turned out that the HK Video Note 3 phone had a bad motherboard which had to be replaced.
As for the 9.9 inch tablet, it recently became corrupted and would not start. After the HK Video screen, it just stayed on the screen with the word Android on it. That was recovered by the person at the store by pressing on the power and the - volume button to restore the OS on the tablet.
After recovering the tablet, I decided to take a closer look at the default configuration of the tablet and found that it comes with a task killer installed and is rooted. I suspect that most of the issues I encountered is the result of the task killer killing critical processes in the background. As mentioned, I encountered issues where core applications failed and could only be recovered by resetting the tablet to factory mode. I am not sure if effect of the task killer is due to the fact that the table is rooted or because of the OS version. I did not see such…

Why Pay Premium for Android Devices

I recently decided that Android operating system is now mature enough for me to get a cheap alternative for tablets and phones. Ten inch tablets are all more than RM 1000/-. The exchange rate is US$1 = RM 3.25.

In order to test my theory, I bought three devices. They are:

9.9 inch tablet from HK Video (‎AM10D1B‎) (RM 699).5.5 inch phone from HK Video - also known as Note 3 (RM 599)7 inch phone pad from Asus (RM 699)

All three devices came with Android 4.1.x installed. Quite often those using HTC phones and other branded Android phones and devices complain about how the HTC Sense or third party UI weights down on the devices. However, when I started using the above devices, that was the first thing I missed. I preferred the keyboard that came with HTC Sense UI instead of the keyboard in HK Video.

Android 4.1 had a lot of added features compared to the Android 2.3 on HTC Desire HD.

Battery Life
Battery life on all three devices were better compared to what I was getting on Desire HD. Asus …