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Book Review: Artful a Novel

I received this as book as part of a Samsung for Kindle offer in February but finally got around to reading it. The book centers around one of the characters from Oliver Twist, the Artful Dodger.
In the first part of the book the author, Peter David kept criticizing Charles Dickens on the development of Oliver Twist and the focus of the story and how weak Oliver was. It was kind of irritating for the author criticized the very work that he was going to use for the book.  
Other than the criticism, the story development was well done; introducing the characters and linking the various characters together. Starting by showing Jack Dawkins by escaping (which explains why he has the nickname Artful Dodger) from his expulsion to Australia.
The vampire conspiracy and how it resulted in the two other main characters, the princess and also son of Van Helsing was well done and believable. Once the main story started, transition between the events and also sprinkle of some background stories kept…

To Delay My Phone Purchase

I was tempted to buy a new phone with One Plus 5 was announced. A few things had driven my initial decision to select One Plus:
There was the Screen Overlay Issue, which I finally resolved.Then there was the ability to create multiple user, but the reason disappeared after I learned about work profile (also known as Android for Work). Another driving factor was the thought of better camera (previously affected by the Screen Overlay Issue). However, One Plus One still provide great photos. Low light photos are still a problem but that is still true with One Plus Five. The other factor I look for in Android phones are the upgrades provided but it seems the maximum number of years for most phones are still two years - One Plus One appears to be among one of the exceptions.

So for now, I will continue to stay with One Plus One for at least another year. The following are some of the photos I took with my phone.