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I thought I would write about the origin of Interloper and Strovek.

Interloper is the character I used to play in the AD and D (Advanced Dungeon and Dragon) role-playing board game in college. Interloper is an elf specialized as a Rogue. Rogues are well known for the stealth, speed and good and finding traps. However, since this was the first time in such a game, I tried to look for traps. This frustrated my fellow players to no end. It was later that I realized that looking for traps is not a matter of scanning but a very tedious process of checking which delays the whole game.

Strovek is a Vulcan from another Role Playing board game - Star Trek. For those of you unfamiliar with Star Trek, Vulcan is a alien race that is responsible to help us (humans) start star exploration and was also key in the formation of the Federation. At the time (when I played this game), we had a very keen following to Star Trek: The Next Generation. We had characters everybody hated and characters …