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Chingay - Flag Balancing competition in Penang

To give you a sense of the difficulty, see the size of the flag compared to the participants:

The video is here:

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! I know it means different things to different people. To majority it is time for Easter eggs and Easter bunny.

For Christians it is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

I was in the night mass at our church and here are some photos from our candle light virgil:

Thaipusam - Part 2 of 2

The following are the balance of the photos:

Thaipusam - Part 1 of 2

One of the benefits of staying in a multi-cultural country is getting to see and enjoy different festivals. It has been several years since I went to see the Thaipusam possession but I managed to do that this year.

Here are some of the pictures I took (I split into two entries to ensure the performance):

CNY Lighting at Kek Lok Si

It is an annual custom to turn on all the lights in Kek Lok Si for the fifteen days of CNY.

The following are some of the pictures to show how awesome the sight is:

Gong Xi Fatt Chai - Happy Chinese New Year

Welcome the year of the Brown Earth Ox. The end of the Earth Rat brought a lot of chaos worldwide. With the strength of the Ox and its ability to work the earth, here is hoping to a more productive and prosperous 2009.

The following are some photos of a lion dance and dragon dance I took with my hand phone. Unfortunately, the phone was not able to take the action sequence clearly.

The dragon:

The Lions:

Anyway, my daughter enjoyed the whole thing even though it was very noisy. She has grown since her first encounter (she was terrified then).

Deepavali - Festival of Lights - Rice Art - 2008

Deepavali is the festival of lights which is a major festival in Malaysia. You can get more details here.  One of the things you can enjoy during this time is the art form produced using only different colored rice.

Here are some I photos I collected this year.