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Stop the Bigotry

Malaysian have traditionally been peace loving. We respect each others customs and culture. However, lately our lifestyle is being threatened. This morning a cow head was placed at the entrance of one of our Indian politician. Cows are sacred animal to our Indian friends.

It is indeed sad to see this incident. Clearly a small group is trying to instigate the majority into violence. The silence and inaction for those in power speaks volume. If no action is taken on the perpetrator of this incidents, it means that those in power and condoning such act. Lately, we see more and more such acts taking place. Also we see selective enforcement of the law. The insensitive remark by our home minister is indeed shocking!

Luckily, the majority have been level headed and chose to maintain peace. However, how long can this continue? The peace and stability of our blessed nation is being threatened by the very people who have been given the duty to protect our nation. Who are the people in the shado…

Life-size Transformers

This is the first time we have life size Transformers in Penang. It is currently on display. It is here from June 9 through July 13. I read about it the day before I had to go outstation and did not get a chance to view the exhibit until recently.

Only Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee are on display. As with the Batman exhibit in Pavilion, this was also a marketing event. One had to spend RM200 in a single receipt for the privilege pose next to the exhibit. Since the Transformers were very big, I was able to get some good shots without having to spending money.

I thought of sharing some of the shots I took. I am looking forward to watch the latest movie at the end of this week.

The following was near the cinema located on 8th floor. Not as impressive as the exhibit available on the ground floor.

Why Aren't the Phones Selling?

There is a sale on Ebay since Jun 11 and is still going on today. Samsung Galaxy S5 is listed at RM1899 while it is sold else where in Malaysia at RM2399. When the sale was first announced, I was sure that the phones would be sold within minutes of the sale. This has not been the case. The nice thing about the phones are that the warranty comes from Samsung Malaysia.

The few people I spoke to agreed that the price is very attractive but as of today the different variations of the phone is still available - Gold, White, Blue and Black. Note 3 is also also sale at RM1899 but those are also not selling.

I can only speculate the reason why those phones are not selling. Could it be one of the following:

Lack of awareness. Potential buyers are not aware of the sale.The phones can only be bought using PayPal. Even though the phones are on sale, it is still too expensive for most Malaysian.Those who want the phone already bought them.There are many other phone options out there. For option 3, …

Batman Exhibit in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

It was a treat to come across the Batman exhibit at the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur. I was there for lunch with my family during the school holidays. It really brought back memories of when I used to read the comics and watch the old goofy series on television.

My children did not share my enthusiasm, I guess they are more into cartoons like Phineas and Ferb. It was an opportunity to see how Batman had changed over the years. My children were surprised to hear about Penguin and Joker.

The first thing that caught my attention was the bat-mobile. It looked great from the upper floor but not as good close up.

Since it was a marketing event, I guess I should not be surprised by the things offered at the venue. A bottle of water with the Batman cover over it was RM8/-. My daughter asked who would pay for that especially when an equivalent bottle of water only cost 80 cents. The TouchNGo card cost RM35 with zero value on it and the t-shirt sold there was RM150 a piece. There wa…