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Cosplay Invasion 3

I recently had to attend an actual cosplay event. The event is known as Cosplay Invasion 3 and was held in Penang Times Square from Mar 22 and 23. I came upon the event by chance. There was a Big Bad Wolf sale in the same area on the day.

It is interesting to see the lengths the participants went through to dress up as their favorite character. I am sure they spent a lot of money to look the part. There were also stores in the location selling souvenirs to visitors. My daughter was with me at the time. We went to the event hall twice. Before going to the book sale and after coming out of the book sale.

My daughter bought a key chain from the cosplay event hall. Here are some of the photos I managed to capture from the event.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday just passed this weekend. It is the week we celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus for us - dying on the cross for our sins. As part of the celebration, some members of the church came out with a sketch. This was delivered as part of a song. The story is told from the point of view of Simon, the person who was asked to carry the cross for Jesus on the way to Mount Calvary. The costumes was well done and the whole sketch great.

Simon had taken his two children to see the lamb and had just entered the city when he saw the crowd shouting for the crucifixion of Jesus. Here are some of the photos taken during the sketch.

Caught a video towards the end but unfortunately my phone did not capture the song and it is rather noisy.