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Beauty in Nature

Lately as I look around, I noticed many interesting things but have missed it before.  
Take example how lights dance in the wind:

As the insects dance around the lights, you can see the patterns the insects make:

It was also interesting, that the color of this picture somehow creates a different color effect in the photo.

Even in the sky, we can see interesting design.  For example this eye in the sky:

Orchid Collection from Genting

On the way down from Genting there is a Mushroom Farm. The following Orchids are obtained from there:

Beautiful Monkey cup

This is a beautiful Monkey cup planted by my cousin:

Is this an Iguana?

Over the weekend, the following lizard appeared on the roof of my car park. Do not know where it came from but it just laid there for hours. Good for me since it gave me an opportunity to take the following shots:

Survival of the Fittest

Ever notice how bugs and plant seem to survive no matter the conditions. Here is prove:

Notice even with almost no soil, the plant is able to grow here:

Even in the drain, it can grow:

Long Legged bug

I noticed this on the wall and thought I would share it here:

Lata Iskandar

Lata Iskandar is on the road up Cameron Highlands. I recently made a trip there and here are some pictures I took:

Cool Sunrise

Took the following picture of the sunrise at Gurney Drive. My friends took me then to run with them and they told me how they enjoyed the sunrise. I thought I would share it here:

Hey I see your butt

I was walking and happen to come across the following. I thought it was interesting that the rats sleep anywhere and everywhere but in this particular case, it left its tail exposed:


One of the joys of visiting Botanical Garden is to see the monkeys roaming around freely. However, most of the time, I only observed one kind of species.

Recently, I found another kind. Here are the two species I saw: