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10 Steps To Help You Get A Great Night's Sleep

Received the following tip from a newsletter in my mailbox today

1. Make a list of what you need to do the next day, write it all down and keep that paper and pen near your bedside in case you think of anything else you need to do. When you write things down your giving your brain the signal that it no longer needs to think about those tasks.

2. Don't watch television or listen to the radio (especially the news) before retiring for the night - and certainly do not fall asleep with the TV or radio on.

3. Read some inspirational or self-growth material for at least 30 minutes prior to bed. Your goal is to fill your mind with inspirational thoughts before falling asleep so that the last thoughts you have before drifting off are uplifting thoughts - as opposed to the stressful thoughts that most people fall asleep thinking about.

4. Make sure the room that you're sleeping in is as dark as possible - the body is made to sleep when it's dark out - the darker the room the more p…

Penang Twin Tower

Here are some pictures of Penang Twin Tower (courtesy of a colleague of mine) taken during the last Penang Bridge Marathon:

I think it is pretty impressive architecture although not as high as the KL Twin Tower.