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Orchid Collection from Genting

On the way down from Genting there is a Mushroom Farm. The following Orchids are obtained from there:

Beautiful Monkey cup

This is a beautiful Monkey cup planted by my cousin:

Hibiscus collection / Bunga Raya

All this while I thought Hibiscus comes in red, then I found the various colors it comes in:

Flowers in Penang - Aug 2008

Here is a new collection of plants and flowers I took recently. I love the variety and this is where I stop and smell the flowers :-)

Let me know what you think and whether you want to see more of this.


Various flowers in Penang

Penang is blessed with many different kind of flowers, here are some of them:

Ok, this is not a flower but I still like it.

Now after the short intermission:

Bogan Villa

Bogan Villa is a very hearty plant which produces very colorful flowers. The plant requires minimal maintenance.

The following are some of the flowers in our garden: