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Article on Trading and Investment

This is a snippet from the following url which I thought may be useful for those dealing with Stock Market.  The summary of the article is as follow:


Do not wait for a reason for price movement.Do not trade when conditions are not favorable.Do not blame the market.Learn from losses.Find the path of least resistanceLose small and win bigBe patient and sit tight through the bull run.Do not try to pick market top and bottomAverage up not down.Do not have a position too large for your psychologyReverse your instincts.You cannot beat the market.Do not focus on how much money you are going to make.Do not listen to others.Do not trade the market to clear your debts.Know yourselfBooms and bust will always happen because human nature does not changeSell after a reactionDo not follow or give tipsLearn how to diagnose the marketManipulation Find an appropriate time to unload a large position.Make a stock active during the bull run.