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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ideas on How to Find Topics for Earning Online Part 2

In the previous article, I suggested that getting topics from movies, restaurant reviews and online forums. I will continue with other areas in your life where you can get ideas and inspirations for topics to write.

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Bedtime Stories or Parenting

Do you make your own bedtime stories or make up things to entertain your children. Share what you do, new parents would love to have ideas on how to bring up their own children. For example when my daughter was younger she had difficulty recognizing abc. Initially I was frustrated but at the end I devised a method to help her remember. I found out later that this was a common difficulty for young children. She has grown out of this phase but I hope that I am able to help other children with similar difficulty.

Travel or Holidays

Did you go to a new place or country for a holiday. Why not write about your experience? Did you see something unusual, walking fish, beautiful sceneries or unusual events? Make sure to take pictures, those pictures will help support your story.

I know many friends who like to travel but do not want to go to the common tourist destination, they prefer to visit the not so popular spots that are unique and wonderful. Articles on those kind of discovery would help them greatly. I recently wrote a review of on Excape Park in ExpertsPages and posted the pictures in Triond (since I could not place any images on ExpertsPages.

Personal Tricks

Do you have tricks to keep yourself motivated or to accomplish tasks? Why not write about those tricks. I wrote an article on how to keep myself motivated and do my exercise and in another article, I wrote about how I kept my jogging routine interesting.

Praise Someone or Something

Did somebody do something nice for you or did you receive some service that you want to tell everybody about? Write about it and recommend the establishment to others. This will be a reward to the service rendered.

Good Cause

Is there a cause that you believe in? Write about the cause and recommend it to others, ask for support. Charities need a lot of support and sometimes due to lack of awareness, they do not get the support they need, your articles could get them the exposure.

I have proposed many ideas in these two articles but none of these suggestions will help unless you start writing. Start writing and the ideas will flow!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tips on How to Promote Your Website or Articles Online

Search Engines

Many websites are created daily so it is not possible for search engines know of them. When you start your website, it is your job as the owner to let the search engines know the site.  The easiest way is to submit your sitemap to the search engines. Most search engines accept the RSS feed for your site as the sitemap. SEO or search engine optimization is useless if your website is not even in the search engine. You can submit your sitemap to Google using the Google Webmaster and to Bing and Yahoo using Bing WebMaster. Having your website indexed by the search engine will not generate traffic to your site automatically but will help. The next stage is to announce your articles to potential readers and fans using social networking sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook and GooglePlus.

young and diverse volunteer group with clothing donation
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Social Network Sites

One important thing to remember about social networking sites is the effectiveness depends on the size of your network. If you on the site and do not have anyone connected to you, then your post will not reach anyone. In certain sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, your post or sharing may still reach those not connected directly to you if it is in the right category but that is similar to hoping that your site may be found by random searches; the chances of that happening is very low. It is therefore very important to build up the size of your network. With a large enough network, you have the law of averages - chances of finding others interested in what you write.

You need to remember some rules when it comes to social network sites. Many sites do not like spam. If all you do is post articles from your site (within a very short time), it may be considered spam and some sites like StumbleUpon may blacklist your site. It is a social network site, so you are expected to socialize. No one likes any relationship that is one sided.

Some sites are longer term compared to others. Links submitted to StumbleUpon and Digg will stay around longer while links to submitted to GooglePlus, Facebook and Twitter do not .


If there are forums that are related to the subjects you write on your site, you can post links from your site. However, be sure to only post the link if it is related to the questions you are answering, otherwise it will be considered spam. Better still, if your article is a reply to the question asked on the forum.


Now you know how, start letting others know your writing.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Accident but Still a Blessing

Recently we took our children for a day of fun and games in at Berjaya Theme Park. Everything seems perfect. The drive to the Berjaya Time Square was smooth with minimal traffic and we did not have any trouble finding the place (unlike the last time where we had to stop to ask for direction and drive around different blocks to find the entrance).

This time we decided to park at a nearby open car park (which only charges a flat rate) instead of the covered parking inside Berjaya Time Square). We arrived at the entrance of the indoor Theme Park before it was open but already there were a few others in front of us.

Both children were excited with the trip because they planned to go on the roller coaster with a 360 degree loop for the first time. Even though they have been to the theme park multiple times, they have never had the courage to go on the roller coaster. They went from one ride to another while I joined them in a few of the rides. We got into one of the rides known as the “DNA Mixer”. On this ride, you were turned upside down several times. At this point, both decided against going for the roller coaster.

Late afternoon, we received a call from my sister advising us to leave early to avoid the jam. By that time it had already started raining. We went shopping in the shops within the building and had to wait an hour for one of our purchases. So we returned to the theme park and managed to convince my daughter to join us on the roller coaster. This was a record, we managed to get on two scary rides within one day.

Finally, it was time for us the leave the building. It was only light rain so we decided to walk to the car in the rain. I went first while my wife and children followed. I grabbed a pillar on the slope at the entrance to the building. The next thing I knew, I fell head first towards the pavement. My wife rushed forward to me and collected three objects which appear like seeds from the floor. It was then I realized that three of my front teeth had detached themselves from my mouth. My mouth was all bloody.

Due to this accident, we decided to cut shot the holiday and head home. My children had earlier planned on visiting many more places in Kuala Lumpur. On reflection of the incident, things could be a lot worst. I could have fallen on my glasses and sustain face or even eye injury. The teeth could have lodged itself to my mouth instead of falling off. Even though I miss my teeth, I believe it is a blessing that the injury minor considering the alternative outcomes.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to Make up Bedtime Stories

It is fun to make up your own bedtime stories and it provides a great opportunity to spend time with your children. I managed to tell stories I created for seven months before I ran out of ideas and my children lost interest.

Face Bug
© Jan Teunis (Belgium)


The first step in making a story come up with a topic. Ways of coming up with a topic include:

  1. Think of something your children are interested in.
  2. Ask your children for a topic.
  3. Think of something lesson you want to teach your children.

Use Words that Your Children can Relate to

To engage children, it is important to provide them with things that are familiar with or can associate with. It will make it easier for them to visualize the story.

For example, in the Moths and Butterflies story, I started with fairies. Children know fairies can fly and to them butterflies and moths look like worms, hence the story.

I used a similar approach in Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs look like scaly and mutated version of animals we know today. Diseases and germs were used to explain the scaly skins and mutation. It is also used as a way to explain why we do not see dinosaurs anymore.

It Cannot be too Long or too Exciting

Even though it is fun to create stories, we have to remember the objectives of the stories.

  1. To spend time with our children.
  2. Getting them to sleep.

If the story is too exciting, it will get the children too worked out and they might not be able to sleep after the story.

Have Fun

Children love animals, so they are great subject for stories. I used animals in many of my stories. One thing important when making up the stories and to remind your children that your stories are just for fun and not real.

Since my children know that my story is just for fun, I am able to make up stories like How Zebra Got Their Stripes or How Elephants Got Their Tusk.

My story collection is found here. Start making up your bedtime stories and spend some quality time with your children.