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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Accident but Still a Blessing

Recently we took our children for a day of fun and games in at Berjaya Theme Park. Everything seems perfect. The drive to the Berjaya Time Square was smooth with minimal traffic and we did not have any trouble finding the place (unlike the last time where we had to stop to ask for direction and drive around different blocks to find the entrance).

This time we decided to park at a nearby open car park (which only charges a flat rate) instead of the covered parking inside Berjaya Time Square). We arrived at the entrance of the indoor Theme Park before it was open but already there were a few others in front of us.

Both children were excited with the trip because they planned to go on the roller coaster with a 360 degree loop for the first time. Even though they have been to the theme park multiple times, they have never had the courage to go on the roller coaster. They went from one ride to another while I joined them in a few of the rides. We got into one of the rides known as the “DNA Mixer”. On this ride, you were turned upside down several times. At this point, both decided against going for the roller coaster.

Late afternoon, we received a call from my sister advising us to leave early to avoid the jam. By that time it had already started raining. We went shopping in the shops within the building and had to wait an hour for one of our purchases. So we returned to the theme park and managed to convince my daughter to join us on the roller coaster. This was a record, we managed to get on two scary rides within one day.

Finally, it was time for us the leave the building. It was only light rain so we decided to walk to the car in the rain. I went first while my wife and children followed. I grabbed a pillar on the slope at the entrance to the building. The next thing I knew, I fell head first towards the pavement. My wife rushed forward to me and collected three objects which appear like seeds from the floor. It was then I realized that three of my front teeth had detached themselves from my mouth. My mouth was all bloody.

Due to this accident, we decided to cut shot the holiday and head home. My children had earlier planned on visiting many more places in Kuala Lumpur. On reflection of the incident, things could be a lot worst. I could have fallen on my glasses and sustain face or even eye injury. The teeth could have lodged itself to my mouth instead of falling off. Even though I miss my teeth, I believe it is a blessing that the injury minor considering the alternative outcomes.

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