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Movie Review: Spider-man: Homecoming

Spider-man: Homecoming is the latest reboot of Spider-man. I expected it to be great but the feedback from my family were as follows:
My son: “The story is too cliche”. My daughter: “It was Meh!” My wife: “The story does not get me emotionally involved!”
What I liked The introduction to Toomes was good, providing with his motivation; change to survive. However, I felt a bit irritated with the time spent on Peter making his video. I realize it is meant to show us his enthusiasm and excitement but I felt it a bit out of place.
His interaction with Karen (his suit) was hilarious. The potential for the suit is incredible; maybe even more capable than Ironman suit (even though they were both invented by Tony Stark).
Using Captain America videos to teach children good values was great.
The movie ties very nicely to other MCU movies explaining what happens alien technologies leftover after the Avenger battles. Which makes me wonder, does the same happen for the battle occurs in foreign countries
My …

Android for Work

I recently tried Android for Work (also known as Work Profile). It is similar to the multiple user I wrote about previously except that the apps reside within the primary user account. This approach as a few advantage over the multiple user account, they are: Alarm from the work profile will appear on the screen. In multiple user mode, only alerts of the active (selected) profile are visible.The problem of turning on the Do Not Disturb and switching profile will not happen.This option is available in more brands of Android phones.Will not encounter issues of non responsive screen (i.e. keyboard for entering password does not appear) is drastically reduced ~ not too sure whether this is an issue with my phone or the general problem with using multiple user.The Device policy is applied only within the work profile.
The disadvantage of using the work profile is that applications that can be added to the work profile are restricted by the Company administrator.
In order to use the work profi…

Screen Overlay Detected Error

I thought my phone was broken. I could not grant or revoke permissions on any of the apps on my phone unless I restart the phone in safe mode. I could not perform zoom or even change anything in my camera, I could only take normal shots. It was so frustrating that I considered buying a new phone.
However, I decided to perform some research as a final attempt. Each time, I tried to make any changes I am faced with the following screen.

Turns out the offending application was es explorer. I do not remember which site provided me this information but the solution was found in one of the comments to the article. At first, I uninstalled es explorer and everything works again. However, I was not satisfied, I decided to reinstall the app and tried the suggestion in another comment to just disable es swipe. The suggestion was effective, so I can continue to use es browser.  To disable, the swipe feature, go to the settings and then click the on button and select disable:

Es swipe allows the fol…