Strovek Writes


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Recognizing Customer Service

I would like to recognize two exemplary customers service I received this week. 

First was the salesperson from Yes in Queensbay Mall. I was considering to subscribe to the new FIZ unlimited broadband service from Yes. Even though my house is within the coverage service, I wanted verification on the stability and the speed before committing to the two year contract. I called their careline and was recommended to visit their outlet in Queensbay in order to get one of their technicians to my house to check on the service stability. However, during my visit, I was told that they are short handed and suggested I take back one of their units (after placing a RM400 deposit with them).  

Luckily for me, one of the salesman - Razak volunteered to come with me to my house to perform the check after I told him that I will sign up for the plan immediately if the service stability is proven. He spent close to two hours at my house checking on the signal quality and perform the speed test. I suspect that he skipped dinner on that day. He also took the time to explain to me the differences between the various services and how the signal strength affects the internet speed. The FIZ plan was limited to 1 Mbps with no quota. However, based on the signal strength, I would only get a fraction of the speed. Based on the finding, the plan was not suitable for me. Even though Razak has been with the company for six months, he is very knowledgeable about the service. I hope the company recognizes his contribution and feel that he is an asset to them.

The second person was the Telekom’s technician who came to my house to fix my Streamyx connection. I have been complaining about the service quality in my house for more than two months and have submitted more than six reports. The earlier technician placed the blame on my modem and each report was closed with problem resolved.

However, this technician was different, first he checked on the phone and then after a few minutes was able to identify the cause. He fixed the connection on the telephone in the hot sun. It was a faulty cable connection and only took 10 minutes to fix but my family suffered two months of frustration. It is sad to see how Telekoms have outsourced their services to incompetent technicians when they have such capable technicians in house.