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Malaysia General Election 14

General Election 14 has started. It is a bit different this year, the road is not cordoned off as it was in previous general election.

My family and I arrived around 8:15 am but the crowd has already started to build up. The following are some photos taken.

The indelible ink is light but turns dark once it comes in contact with water.

Mobile@Unifi Review

Telekoms has been pushing the Unifi branding on all its products. The latest product to use this branding is a mobile prepaid service called mobile@unifi. During the three months promotion period, the sim card is given free (list price is RM10/-). Each person is allowed to request up to 5 sims.

The first one million sims come with 20GB data, 10 minutes talk time and 10 sms. To me it looks like a great deal. An excellent opportunity to test the dual sim feature on my new phone. However, using dual sim significantly reduces the the battery life due to the use both antennas. Initial experience was good in terms of coverage, probably because I was with the city limits. When I first started using the sim, it was H+ but turned to 4G when I went for lunch. While using for the past 3 weeks, I had only had two occasions where the 4G signal was on but I could not browse the internet.

However, when I tested the speed, it was disappointing; even though 4G was indicated but the download speed was on…

Deadpool Live

When I took my daughter and her friends skating this weekend, I did not expect to meet Deadpool. He was there a a photography session.

The following are some of the picture I took of him.

It was 35 degrees Celsius and whoever in the costume must be suffering in the heat.

Recognizing Customer Service

I would like to recognize two exemplary customers service I received this week. 
First was the salesperson from Yes in Queensbay Mall. I was considering to subscribe to the new FIZ unlimited broadband service from Yes. Even though my house is within the coverage service, I wanted verification on the stability and the speed before committing to the two year contract. I called their careline and was recommended to visit their outlet in Queensbay in order to get one of their technicians to my house to check on the service stability. However, during my visit, I was told that they are short handed and suggested I take back one of their units (after placing a RM400 deposit with them).  
Luckily for me, one of the salesman - Razak volunteered to come with me to my house to perform the check after I told him that I will sign up for the plan immediately if the service stability is proven. He spent close to two hours at my house checking on the signal quality and perform the speed test. I suspect…

Batman Exhibit in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

It was a treat to come across the Batman exhibit at the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur. I was there for lunch with my family during the school holidays. It really brought back memories of when I used to read the comics and watch the old goofy series on television.

My children did not share my enthusiasm, I guess they are more into cartoons like Phineas and Ferb. It was an opportunity to see how Batman had changed over the years. My children were surprised to hear about Penguin and Joker.

The first thing that caught my attention was the bat-mobile. It looked great from the upper floor but not as good close up.

Since it was a marketing event, I guess I should not be surprised by the things offered at the venue. A bottle of water with the Batman cover over it was RM8/-. My daughter asked who would pay for that especially when an equivalent bottle of water only cost 80 cents. The TouchNGo card cost RM35 with zero value on it and the t-shirt sold there was RM150 a piece. There wa…