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Do not install untrusted software on your phones and computers

The following is a sample of how easy it is for hackers to obtain the data on your computer. Android was used as an example but it could easily be IOS, Windows or even a Macintosh.

The article explaining the research and the root cause is found here.
However, if you choose not to read the article, a demo of how easy it is to obtain your information is shown here..
The videos are also shown below:

A few excellent resources for Unix Admins/Users

For those of you who use a lot Linux and want to be able to use it better, here are some useful links:

Linux Performance ToolsLinux Command Linevi Cheat Sheet I am using this particular page to bookmark this resource so that I can find it easily in future.

The presentation for Linux Performance Tools is embedded below

Linux Performance Tools from brendangregg