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Shell Craft

My uncle recently shared with me his retirement hobby - art using shells. I thought of sharing here for all of you to enjoy.

 Here is the nativity scene:

 Year of the Rooster:

Going to a Christmas party:

Young performers

I was in Mydin in PJ last week and happen to come across performance by a group of very talented dancers. From the looks of it, they are probably around 8 to 9 years old:

Here they are watching other performers:

Here they are performing:

WildLife Sculpture

I received this email from a colleague and found it to be absolutely beautiful.

The website of the artist is found at:

Dirt Art

Somebody sent me some very impressive art done just using dust on the car. Here is the sample of some of the art work:

Here is how Scott looks like:

I also found his gallery here.

Knitting Art

Recently, I visited Sungei Wang in Kuala Lumpur. I came across this store near the entrance adjacent to Low Yat. This was a tiny store specializing in knitting supplies. I saw some people sitting near the back of the store - looks like they were teaching people to knit.

What I was most impressed with was the quality of the knitting done, here see for yourself: