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A matter of balance

As part of my fastestman training, I have been reading a couple of books. In the book Run Fast: How to Beat Your Best Time--- Every Time, it mentions that we have slow twitching muscles and fast twitching muscles.

It got me into thinking, why that is the case then I thought about another book - A mind at a time I read about how our brain consist of short term memory and long term memory. Then I think about how our muscles and bone structure is put together, look at your hand and legs, upper part of the leg is shorter and the lower part is much longer. Same with the arms.

Nature is designed that way, and it seems to be the most efficient way for our body to work. So I am surprise that whenever we look at others, we expect others to be the same as us so we judge them by our own standard. Maybe we should stop that, others are there to create a balance. Look at them as pieces that will make our world whole.