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Woe to the Flat Foot

Living with a flat foot all my life, I was unaware that there are treatments out there.

However, recently when two of my colleagues were injured during the running sessions. They went to for physio-therapy. It was then I found out that there are more "flat footers" around me.

They were each sold some insoles for support together with the therapy. I decided to visit the therapist to "check it out" and was also sold the insoles - one for walking and one for sports. The one used for walking is 3/4 length and the sports one is full length.

The one for walking works in reducing pain in my bunions but the sports one gave me blister instead (but only in one leg).

A few things I read from the leaflet from the insoles. Flat foot causes some of the following problems - (also listed here):
BunionsCallousOther painsSo lesson learned was:
Just because you are suffering this all your life doesn't mean that there is no relieve out there.Your problems is not unique. There …