Strovek Writes


Friday, February 29, 2008

Why is it so hard to Recycle?

With the increasing concern for the environment, more and more countries are promoting the need to recycle.

To a certain degree, this has been successful because we see more and more people are more aware of such need. In fact quite a few are doing it to help their favorite charity and churches.

However, it is not easy to be a good citizen. We know paper can be recycled. So we start buying soft drink and milk in TetraPak boxes but when we try to send this for recycling it is rejected. Next they tell us that glass bottles are also not recyclable.

Then we go shopping and start bringing our own bags. But when we reach the checkout counter, the lady at the counter insist on using their plastic bags - I guess it is probably to promote their store since the logo is printed on it.

While individual families/homes start recycling, we see businesses mixing all those recyclable tin cans (from soft drink) with dumping it with all the non-recyclable stuff. The amount of recyclable items produced in such places per week is equivalent to what is produced by household in more than one year.

The sad part of this is that a visitor who wants to recycle in such places have no way of doing so.

How can we change society? A lot more things can be recycled but it is a challenge to play our part.