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Dong Zen Temple

Dong Zen Temple is a very popular place for photography and also for prayer.

See the video below, towards you end you will find a surprise.  Best part about the place is the entrance is free.

Also look at some of the photos taken from the temple surrounding.

VIDEO0006 a video by strovek on Flickr. Location is found below:

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Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si temple is one of the more popular tourist spots in Penang. It is a located in Ayer Itam (translated Black Water). Due to the popularity of the temple, it receives a lot of donation and has been constantly renovated.

Here are some photos taken from there:

Kek Lok Si is now divided into two areas, one for Pagoda and another for the Goddess of Mercy. The Goddess of Mercy is located at the higher platform. There is a cable car (elevator) which transports you between the two areas.

The following is the Upper area:

The following is the Goddess of mercy on the building that houses the gift shop and also where you can board the elevator to the lower level - Pagoda.

Here you can see the construction of the Goddess of mercy statue - they are building a towers to support a roof over the statue.

There is a garden next to it with statues of the 12 animals of the lunar calendar:

This is the view from the cablecar/elevator:

This is the view from the lower level:

There is a turtle pond. Turtle…