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Getting Organized

I found a need to come up with a system to help me remember. Over the years, the process has changed but the goal remains the same. Since moving to an Android phone I have been using GTask. 
GTask is a third party app build using Google Task (since Google did not provide an app). It works well to help me track my task, to do list and provide reminders for follow up. Calendars are useful to track your schedule but it is not convenient for task that require follow up or use as reference. I can easily create a task from my GMail.
GTask is simple and easy to use but provides text only fields.
I decided to explore Google Keep.
Initially I used keep as an enhanced version of gTask so I do not need GTask anymore. A few things I like about Keep are:
I can now attach a photo to the entry. It provides a convenient way to use certain cards like Starbucks, Domino’s privilege card. Entries are available without network. I do not subscribe to mobile data all the time so it is great to have acces…

Whole Brain Thinking

Recently I attended a training on whole brain thinking. It is provides an interesting way of understanding why people behave differently. It explains the difference in the preference in thinking. The brain is divided into four color codes - Yellow, Blue, Green and Red.
Goal Oriented Facts Based Quantitative Yellow
Holistic Future Intuitive Green
Process Driven Organized Red
Emotional Social
The thinking preference usually sets in after the age of 18. Once we reach the age of 18, our preference usually does not change. Based on our preference (what makes us happy), we can usually tell which is our color preference. Most of us have have a preference combination but there is usually one trait that is our strongest.
Even though we each have a preference, being able to address the different preference will help us communicate better. For example, if you are communicating with a person with a blue preference, you need to provide lots of facts and figures.  The simplest way to remember in the followin…

Interviewer's Note

In my many years as a manager, I have interview hundreds of candidates and hired some. Interviews and identifying candidates who are suitable for the position you try to fill takes time.
Some positions are more challenging than others. The few things that I look for in identifying the right candidate are as follows:
Can the person do the job? Does the person have the right attitude? Can I retain the person within my organizations?
I remember hiring a woman many years back. She was a top scorer from her university and very capable. Unfortunately for me, the job I had her for was not challenging at all. After a few months, she found that she was wasting her time with us and left for another company. Based on her drive and capability, I am sure that she is very successful now.
In another case, I had an impressive interview with a candidate. He brought his notebook and gave a presentation of a web page he created. After hiring him, we found that he had difficulty gathering requirements from th…

Google Platform for Management Part 3

In Part 1, I covered how you can make Gmail, calendar and Tasks to help you manage your emails and reminders and in Part 2, I covered how the Google Apps can leveraged for collaboration and communication. There is still another component of the Google set of tools which I find extremely useful. The final component is called Google Sites.


I use it to bookmark the sites I usually use in the course of my work. It is true that you can add bookmarks to your browser and in some cases also set your browser to synchronize the bookmarks across different machines. However, you may come across situations where some applications will only work with certain browsers or cases where you might have to use someone else’s computer. Have a page will all the bookmarks will be more handy. Since it is a web page, it can work across different devices and OS.

The same page can also be shared with others in your company.

Blogger or Google Site

Google Ste pages are more suited for static pages. It is mu…

Google Platform for Management Part 2

Google platform provides a rich set of tools for management. In Part 1, I focused on Gmail, Task and Calendar. I shall continue with other tools and how it complements my activities as a manager.


Google documents strength is in collaboration. It is very easy to create either a Document (Word), Spreadsheet (Excel) or Presentation (Powerpoint) and collaborate with either your team members or people in remote locations. I indicated the MS Office equivalent in parenthesis for those who are more familiar with the Microsoft suite of tools.

When you share the documents, you can either give others the right to edit the document, comment on the document or just view the document.  In a meeting, the attendees can edit the document and everybody else in the meeting can view it. Comments can also be used to raise questions and highlight items for others to respond to.

Each collaborator can activate a setting to trigger to inform them of any changes in the documents. That way, they do n…

Google Platform for Management Part 1

The following are some of the ways I use Google platform to manage my time, team and projects.


For simple reminders to perform something on a given day, a calendar entry works best. Set it either to occur once or repeat daily, weekly or monthly. Examples for such reminders are: writing weekly reports, paying subscriptions, having a regular 1-on-1.

Task Follow ups

To follow up on tasks, the task option is best. There are two ways of creating tasks.

Click on add to task while you are reading a mail. When you do that the tasks will have a link to that mail. Only one mail can be linked to a task. Create a task directly.

The task option is great when you need to take notes and keep track of progress, you can place notes in the task and change the due date of the task as you proceed. However, there are limitations to the task feature.

The entries in the task is personal and cannot be assigned to others. If you are using the browser interface, you cannot set a reminder for it to pop up lik…


While looking for information on "Blink", I came across this website which analyzes a few of the books by the author. 

The website is

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