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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Getting Organized

I found a need to come up with a system to help me remember. Over the years, the process has changed but the goal remains the same. Since moving to an Android phone I have been using GTask. 


GTask is a third party app build using Google Task (since Google did not provide an app). It works well to help me track my task, to do list and provide reminders for follow up. Calendars are useful to track your schedule but it is not convenient for task that require follow up or use as reference. I can easily create a task from my GMail.

GTask is simple and easy to use but provides text only fields.

I decided to explore Google Keep.


Initially I used keep as an enhanced version of gTask so I do not need GTask anymore. A few things I like about Keep are:

  1. I can now attach a photo to the entry. It provides a convenient way to use certain cards like Starbucks, Domino’s privilege card.
  2. Entries are available without network. I do not subscribe to mobile data all the time so it is great to have access while offline.
  3. Every line entry can be easily changed to a checklist (toggle on and off).
  4. Tagging is simple. It makes it convenient to categories my entries into
    1. reminders (usually one off task like shopping list).
    2. follow up (usually projects or task that require multiple follow up).
    3. cards
    4. checklist (items to think about when I make decision such as buying shares, or buying items).
    5. completed
  5. Once completed, I can easily archive it so that my list do not become too long and cluttered.

Recently, I started to explore Evernote (free version)


There are similarities between Evernote and Keep, probably because that is where the idea came from.

I like the following features in Evernote:
  1. There are two ways of organizing entries:
    1. Books
    2. Tags
  2. It is easy clip a web page and make it an entry in Evernote. Before that I would share the page in my Facebook page or create an entry in my blog with notes attached.

However, I have some concerns (which may not be valid):
  1. Would I lose my web clip note if the original web page disappears?
  2. I am unable to see my notes when I am offline (unless I upgrade to a paid subscription).

I intend to use both Evernote and Keep for the moment since there are features I like in both apps.
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