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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Google Platform for Management Part 3

In Part 1, I covered how you can make Gmail, calendar and Tasks to help you manage your emails and reminders and in Part 2, I covered how the Google Apps can leveraged for collaboration and communication. There is still another component of the Google set of tools which I find extremely useful. The final component is called Google Sites.

DSC00723_p.JPG By mantasmagorical


I use it to bookmark the sites I usually use in the course of my work. It is true that you can add bookmarks to your browser and in some cases also set your browser to synchronize the bookmarks across different machines. However, you may come across situations where some applications will only work with certain browsers or cases where you might have to use someone else’s computer. Have a page will all the bookmarks will be more handy. Since it is a web page, it can work across different devices and OS.

The same page can also be shared with others in your company.

Blogger or Google Site

Google Ste pages are more suited for static pages. It is much easier to create a maintain a page of bookmarks on Google Site. It is also a good tool for creating department or functional site.

Blogger is more suitable for blogging each page is automatically categorized by month and topic. Not as useful if you have a project site or a department site. In order to create the bookmark page on blogger, I had to resort to using html while the same thing can be performed on the rich text editor on Google Site.

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