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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Movie Review: Spider-man: Homecoming

Spider-man: Homecoming is the latest reboot of Spider-man. I expected it to be great but the feedback from my family were as follows:

My son: “The story is too cliche”.
My daughter: “It was Meh!”
My wife: “The story does not get me emotionally involved!”

What I liked
The introduction to Toomes was good, providing with his motivation; change to survive. However, I felt a bit irritated with the time spent on Peter making his video. I realize it is meant to show us his enthusiasm and excitement but I felt it a bit out of place.

His interaction with Karen (his suit) was hilarious. The potential for the suit is incredible; maybe even more capable than Ironman suit (even though they were both invented by Tony Stark).

Using Captain America videos to teach children good values was great.

The movie ties very nicely to other MCU movies explaining what happens alien technologies leftover after the Avenger battles. Which makes me wonder, does the same happen for the battle occurs in foreign countries

My complaints
In this movie, the portrayal of Peter Parker being under pressure seems wrong, in the comics, it is usually due to his sense of responsibility but in this movie he is more like an adrenaline junkie, constantly looking for action. The best selling point for Spider-man is his humor during fight, I did not see much of that in the movie.

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