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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

Seems that the recent hot spell has caused mosquitoes to appear in large numbers. This went on for a few nights. Each time, I go to sleep, they will start attacking me. The bites will appear as lumps on my hands and legs. Those lumps were both painful and itchy.

I tried using commercial mosquito spray but I had to remember to spray my bedroom a few hours before my bedtime because I did not want to sleep breathing the poison. It sometimes works. However, I often forget and even when I remember, the mosquitoes will return after the effect wears off and someone leaves the door open.

I decided to use the electronic mosquito swatter we bought a few years ago. We left it aside for a few years after the last mosquito season. Unfortunately for me, the swatter could no longer retain charge. I managed to kill a few but I miss a lot because the swatter ran out of charge quite often after I spot the mosquito and when I hit it.

On one of the nights, there was a mosquito which decided that my pillow belongs to it. It will fly near my ears to wake me up. When I switch on the light, it would stay on my pillow. I was unable to kill it because the swatter did not have any charge. I tried swatting it with my hands but it just flew away and came back, when I switch off the light and try to get some sleep. This happened for a few days. Until I bought a new electronic mosquito swatter.

The swatter works great but only if you seek out all the mosquitoes in the room before going to sleep.

Later my father found some natural repellents from the local supermarkets. They were lemon grass concentrates. The repellent is more effective. I spray my room after work around seven o’clock, leave the door open for the mosquitoes to leave my room and close the door half an hour later. Sometimes, some of the mosquitoes do not leave the room. So we will kill does with the electronic mosquito swatter.

With this combination, the mosquitoes no longer wake me up in the middle of the night and I do not have to suffer from their painful bites.
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