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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Be Considerate to Your Neighbor

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Recently my neighbor had a celebration the night before their son’s wedding. We knew about the wedding and my parents were invited for the wedding reception the following day. We were fine about not being invited, however at about 8 pm, they asked us over. It seems a bit inappropriate and my parents were offended. The last minute invitation was more of an insult. It was an after thought invitation and does not appear sincere.

To make things worst, they burned some fireworks at about 12:45 am - way past midnight. If they planned to play with fireworks, they should have done it before 10 pm. Most of us have to wake up early and would like to get our rest. Burning fireworks on the eve of Chinese New Year is accepted because it is expected.

As good neighbors we should think of how our actions will affect our neighbors and give some considerations. For example, if you are sincere about inviting your neighbors to your celebration, invite them at least one to two days ahead. That way, they will know to plan accordingly. If you are going to have a loud party or play with fireworks do that before 10 pm.

Also make sure when you park your cars do not block the drive in. I get very irritated when I find a car preventing me from entering or exiting my driveway.

Nowadays, most of our neighbors are strangers to us but we should at least show some courtesy to each other to make the neighborhood enjoyable to be in. For many of us, our home is our refuge and a place to relax. So I send a plea to all of you reading this, “Please be a considerate neighbor!”
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