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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ideas on How to Find Topics for Earning Online Part 2

In the previous article, I suggested that getting topics from movies, restaurant reviews and online forums. I will continue with other areas in your life where you can get ideas and inspirations for topics to write.

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Bedtime Stories or Parenting

Do you make your own bedtime stories or make up things to entertain your children. Share what you do, new parents would love to have ideas on how to bring up their own children. For example when my daughter was younger she had difficulty recognizing abc. Initially I was frustrated but at the end I devised a method to help her remember. I found out later that this was a common difficulty for young children. She has grown out of this phase but I hope that I am able to help other children with similar difficulty.

Travel or Holidays

Did you go to a new place or country for a holiday. Why not write about your experience? Did you see something unusual, walking fish, beautiful sceneries or unusual events? Make sure to take pictures, those pictures will help support your story.

I know many friends who like to travel but do not want to go to the common tourist destination, they prefer to visit the not so popular spots that are unique and wonderful. Articles on those kind of discovery would help them greatly. I recently wrote a review of on Excape Park in ExpertsPages and posted the pictures in Triond (since I could not place any images on ExpertsPages.

Personal Tricks

Do you have tricks to keep yourself motivated or to accomplish tasks? Why not write about those tricks. I wrote an article on how to keep myself motivated and do my exercise and in another article, I wrote about how I kept my jogging routine interesting.

Praise Someone or Something

Did somebody do something nice for you or did you receive some service that you want to tell everybody about? Write about it and recommend the establishment to others. This will be a reward to the service rendered.

Good Cause

Is there a cause that you believe in? Write about the cause and recommend it to others, ask for support. Charities need a lot of support and sometimes due to lack of awareness, they do not get the support they need, your articles could get them the exposure.

I have proposed many ideas in these two articles but none of these suggestions will help unless you start writing. Start writing and the ideas will flow!
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