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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Writing your ABC

Recently I noticed that my daughter was having problems writing her ABCs. She knows them but the problem was writing it in the wrong direction. I devised the problem way to help her remember and hopefully it will help other children too.

Facing left or right
She was confused which way the alphabets faced so she would write j in the wrong way:

So I told her that if the alphabet faces right, it was facing the sun and if it faces left, it faces the moon.

For lower case, only a, d, g, j, q, y and z does that (in the case of g it faces left when you write but not when you type).

For upper case, only J, Y and Z does that.

Upper Case vs Lower Case
Next was the uppercase and lower case. I told her that only lower case alphabets know how to swim, that is why they are allowed to go below the line and only for g, j, p, q and y.

As for upper case, they are giants and all of them can reach the roof. Lower case alphabets need to carry sticks to touch the roof (the only ones that do that are d, f, h, k, l, t)
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