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Thursday, July 10, 2008

St Anne's Church - Part 1 (Old Church)

I have broken this post to 5 part to speed up the loading:

Part 1 (Old Church)
Part 2 (The Hill)
Part 3 (Statues)
Part 4 (New Church)
Part 5 (Others)

But always remember that this a holy place and give it the respect it deserves.

I have been going to St Anne in Bukit Mertajam on the mainland every year as long as I can remember. Every year around Jul 26; thousands of people from all over the country will do pilgrimage to this obscure church in Penang.

St Anne is the grandmother of Jesus Christ. The link to the church is here. I found some history of her here.

We usually observe the candle light possession and celebrate the Feast of Saint Anne. Often you will find people begging on the streets along the road and up the stairs. Do not look down on them, most of them are just honoring their pledge. The money they collect will be given back to the church. In fact, I made a pledge myself to stay overnight after the birth of my son.

A couple of years back, they built another church about 2 km down the road but still most will go back to the old church. Finally, we now have a new church in the holy ground.

A lot of prayers of the faithful have been answered here. Please remember that this is a holy place so please treat it as such.

The following are some photos I took today:

This is the old church:

Inside the church:

The father who built the first church is also buried in it after he died:

This is the schedule of events for 2008:

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