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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Making Money on Internet through blogging

There are many options for making money on the Internet. One such way is through blogging and also Adsense. I have been reluctant to follow this path previously because of concern on how to get payment but I found a very effective way of getting payment via Western Union Cash. There is a very good article found here on how to do it.

A couple of things that needs to be done before you can make money.
  1. You need to blog about something that people are interested in - i.e. build content.
  2. Once you have the content, you need to market. Meaning, you need to get traffic to your site.
The couple of ways to promote your web site are:
  1. Participate in forum. In one case, I just did a post and within minutes I got more than 100 hits. (of course this was a one time hit). Make sure that when you post in the forums, it needs to be appropriate content for the forum.
  2. Use the webmaster tools from Google to submit your site map. This can help get your site index by Google's search engine. However, it may take sometime.
  3. You can then download Web CEO tool to submit your site to other search engines. I have not found this very effective though. I got some nice tips but mostly I got more junk mails using this route. Maybe I was doing something wrong.
  4. You can also use social bookmark sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, I learned about this sites from Triond. So far, I have using Digg and it has increased the traffic to my blogs dramatically.
However, a word of caution, be a good citizen and do not spam people. Otherwise, you will gain a bad reputation.

You can then monitor your blog traffic using Google Analytics. It is interesting to see the visitors to your site and which part of the world they are from. Whether you earn a lot of money or not does not really matter, what matters is you enjoy yourself while doing it.
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