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Friday, July 4, 2008

Where have all our leaders gone?

One of the first things we are thought in management is to uphold our credibility, for without it who will trust in what we say.

However, looking at the leaders in the countries these days, you wonder if they were absent the day that lesson was thought.

In Malaysia, the Prime Minister says that the election will not happen tomorrow and then the next day, it is declared that election will happen on that day!!

In the United States of America , George Bush call for war against Iraq because Saddam has started creating weapon of mass destruction. The war is over, Saddam has been executed and still there is no prove that there was ever any weapon of mass destruction.

In Zimbabwe, we have a president who declares himself victories because he had no competition.

I try hard to find country leaders who show integrity and trustworthiness but can't seem to find any. Past leaders, are plenty.

The following are some of the business leaders that I feel reflects the integrity and trustworthiness:

There was Lim Chong Eu who let Penang to the forefront of the industrial age. Then Lim Goh Thong who founded the Genting Group. Then there is Warren Buffett who leads Berkshire Hathaway. Lim Chong Eu who founded Oriental Holdings.

I look at my children's generation and wonder if they will find good leaders to look up to. I am glad to see some training available like the LeadershipLand that claims to train leadership skills to children. However, as the saying goes, children won't listen to what we tell them but will follow what they see.

We need more people to set examples for our future generation. Where can we find them? I try my best to be a good example though it is sometimes hard. We need to show that our words are worth something. That is why we have to be careful of what we say especially when we are young impressionable children. So we say we are going to do something, we better make sure it is something we can do.

There was a case where a father challenged his children that if they caught him smoking, that he will give them 1 million mesos (that is the money used in Maplestory). After that he was stuck and had to hold on to his word. Luckily for him though, the children wanted mesos and not the cash that comes with the cash card. So his children let him off the hook. (Incidentally, his wife was the one who told me the story - I shall not reveal their name but just wanted to use it as an example of the trouble we can get by challenging our children).

The other case, was my trip to Penang hill. I had no choice but to deliver.

For now I need help to identify heroes for my children!!
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