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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Penang Hill - escaping the city in Penang

The previous Sunday my son wanted to go up Penang Hill but by the time he told us it was past noon and from experience going up by cable car, it will be about 4 pm before we could start up. So I told him, let's try this weekend.

Then on Thursday in the newspaper, the cable car was shutdown and will be down for at least 6 to 8 months. So I thought "Horray! I don't need to bring him after all. " I kept the article to show him but I did not get the response, I had hoped.

He read it but zoomed in and said, "Yay, Let's go up by jeep!!" I did not know when to get one so I told him, we can only get a jeep from up there so we have to hike up! Children being children, said, sure let's do it.

So we got ready, (my son, daughter and myself) to prepare for the long tedious hike. Imagine, a 5 year old, 7 year old and and 41 year old hiking up 4 km above sea level. My dad, also joined in the fun and urged them saying if they can hike all the way to the peak, they will get RM 1,000/- (USD1/- = RM 3.2/-).

So we set off, planning to go up the tar road just beside Botanical garden. That was the safest route since chances of getting lost was minimal. When we reached the entrance to the tar road up the hill, there was a guard house. I asked them, where I can get a jeep up the hill. I found out that the guard post is where we can get a jeep up. The price was not that bad, we could hire the whole jeep for RM 90/- which covers going up and down.

So off we go. Here are some of the pictures from the trip:

This is the cable station:

Outside the station, there is a binoculars (now free - use to cost RM 1/-) to look at the view:

Here are some view:

The driver also took us to the Canopy walk: Cost RM 5/- for adult and RM 2/- for children.

The following are some other sights in Penang Hill:

Ancient Phone booth:

Playground, with a Hindu temple and Mosque next to each other:

The view of the food court:

If you feel adventurous, you can take the Penang Hill forest challenge, that is hiking up the forest path to reach the top.

View from the bottom to the playground:

Water fountain next to the food court:

The old cable car:

Side Note from the jeep driver:

There are approximately 300 residents on the hill. Of this only 100 plus are permanent, the other 200 hundred are either day time workers or farmers who stay half way. The cable car can take up to 80 person per trip. The business is currently badly affected with the shutdown of the cable car/train.
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