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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The long walk

My heart was racing faster than I can remember. I have never felt so frightened as I tried to follow my sister and dad.

I could barely hear his voice saying, “If you don’t follow us you will be left behind!! The jeep is waiting for us at the other side.

My sister was also screaming, “I am scared, papa!” Then my father started rambling something but before he could continue, I shouted, “Just shut up!!

Then my sister screamed back, “It’s your fault, you are the one who kept saying, Let’s go to the canopy walk.” The truth of her words struck me hard but I retorted, “You are going too fast.

As I walked forward, the bridge swayed left and right and I shouted, “Stop shaking the bridge!!” I walked forward and felt cold sweat streaming down my forehead and my back. I cursed – “Shit! Shit”.

It seems like infinity but finally we reached the first tree. My father then said, “Ok, now lets rest until you catch your breath before we continue.”

I looked around and saw how high we were and remembered that I was scared of heights but there is no turning back now so might as well get this over with. I climbed down to the lower platform and waited. I could hear my sister quivering, “I am scared, papa!” He stepped down one step at the time holding my sister hand. Each time, he went a little too fast she would scream and he would step back up one step to guide her down.

When they reached the bottom platform, another family came through and passed us. As they did, my father said to my sister, “See the little boy, he is much younger than your sister and doesn’t seem scared!

My sister retorted, “But his papa is holding his hand”. At that, my father said, “I am holding your hands too.” Then I thought to myself, “And who is holding my hands!!

We continued to the next section of the walk. It was much easier this time since the bridge was not shaking as much. When we reached the next tree, we looked and found a much longer bridge in front of us.

How much further!” I thought to myself but did not say it. “Ah well, Let’s get this over with.”

Then I heard my sister say, “I want you to get me scared some more!” That was strange coming from a five year old. As we got on the bridge again, it was movement of the bridge was more than the previous two sections.

My father was moving to fast, so I shouted. “Your are too fast.” At that he just stopped. I then shouted, “Don't stop!!!

Then he continued but each time, I complained he was too fast, he just stopped. I then screamed, “Just keep moving, and don’t stop!!!

Finally, we reached the exit and I said, “I am never coming back again!!” My sister echoed the sentiment.

Here is how the canopy looks like.

You can find more pictures here.
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