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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stop the Bigotry

Malaysian have traditionally been peace loving. We respect each others customs and culture. However, lately our lifestyle is being threatened. This morning a cow head was placed at the entrance of one of our Indian politician. Cows are sacred animal to our Indian friends.

It is indeed sad to see this incident. Clearly a small group is trying to instigate the majority into violence. The silence and inaction for those in power speaks volume. If no action is taken on the perpetrator of this incidents, it means that those in power and condoning such act. Lately, we see more and more such acts taking place. Also we see selective enforcement of the law. The insensitive remark by our home minister is indeed shocking!

Luckily, the majority have been level headed and chose to maintain peace. However, how long can this continue? The peace and stability of our blessed nation is being threatened by the very people who have been given the duty to protect our nation. Who are the people in the shadow, the mastermind of all these cowardly but dangerous act? What is the motive? Don't they realize that by destroying our racial harmony, their interest in this country will also be affected? Maybe, they do not care, they may have moved their riches outside the country. If that is so, why continue to threaten the rest of us?

Nature has blessed us with a lot of resources. There is more than enough for all of us to share. However, we need to maintain our standard of education. Lately, we see also a drop in the education standard again as a result of politics. What was once our competitive edge (and still is at the moment) is also at risk.

We love our country and want to continue to enjoy peace and harmony (and hopefully prosper). Please do not take that away from us.

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