Careful when buying Oranges this New Year

Not sure how true this is, just received it from a colleague.

Do not the recent Chi Jiezi ah!
Sichuan this year, the Orange suffered a disaster of the parasite, called Orange maggots and parasites visible to the naked eye. Far from clearing the light orange skin can not see, it is necessary that each of the orange outside of the skin layer is also Bodiao can see!
It is said that the Government catty to a few cents of the purchase price of orange fruit in the hands of the disease and then buried, but there is still secretly Caimixinqiao fruit of the disease out of the wholesale orange!
So now the market's orange-chuan to be careful! Huaxi Dushi Bao is said to have written this, does not know the truth, but we still pay attention to what you

"I Changzhemeda, has not seen in the orange of the flap of meat hidden in so many maggot Yazi, really strange ... ..." 3 pm, the Jiachuan in the town of Guangyuan Wang Cangxian cock of the mountain orchards, Dan Qiaocun Six groups of 67-year-old Chen Yang significant
For the elderly since
Being buried at the foot of their own for dealing with more than 5000 kilograms of citrus is a very emotion. In the hillside behind the elderly, 200
More labor and strong as he is being de l'Orangerie, the last pick of the fruit, and then focus on piling up, most of them digging deep disinfection
Fanzhuoqingguang also a few fruits.

¦ orange flesh torn up to two maggots

Orchard Hill crow is a well-known in Guangyuan City of citrus orchards. Chen Yang significantly to the elderly to a reporter just finished harvesting the fruits of the Orangerie, the trees have been empty, leaving a fruit. In a piece? Ditch teach myself Yun Mu Yin Jian
The Magic Sui ??
Wide, 5 meters long, "Orange funeral" pits have been dug, the outer edge of the pit densely stacked with thousands of kilograms of oranges, is awaiting the delivery of lime to disinfect can begin to deal with. In half of the green half of the yellow pile of oranges, Chen Hin
Yang picked up three
Only the orange, looks good, there is no gap and no hole, a shell of a separate, rough-looking, and there is no strange, but when he chose a torn orange orange-crimson meat, reporters immediately see more than two
White long grain of rice
The white maggots crawling out ... ...

Chen said Yang Hin, and its own people in the village on September 27 were told to pick up citrus fruit, "without leaving a tree, all the Government can buy. Optical pick, burying light and kill."

¦ up to a "buried" 320,000 yuan

"Message maggots school by the name of Hendel large, commonly known as the Orange maggots." Deal with the fruits of plant diseases and insect pests of agricultural town Jiachuan service station high-Sheng-ming to answer a reporter's suspicions.

Gao Sheng-ming said: "The maggots as a mandarin orchards in the survival of the parasite is not surprising, but this year, such as large-scale outbreak, have catastrophic consequences for rare." According to Gao Ming-sheng, the first of the maggots found in Citrus Adjacent is still
Wu town. With the
After the county government immediately organized experts to the neighboring township to start investigation soon, the army near the town of 4 found a large area of the township of Orange maggots. September 27, the county government's large citrus fruit epidemic prevention and control issued a notice,
According to the Office of disposal
France, the trees will have to mature and immature fruit picking all down 0.30 yuan per kilogram in accordance with the standards by the reunification of the acquisition, and then buried, pollution-free treatment for disinfection.

Shan Jia Chuan cock is merging the town's largest orchards, more than 200 people after 7 days of hard work, as at 3 pm, has been picked to deal with the 250,000 kg.

¦ Chang Chong of the citrus fruit will be buried

There is expected to nearly 30,000 kilograms of fruit need to pick processing. "We have to deal with the town's fruit up to a buried need 100,000 kg of citrus fruit, according to the market last year, the lowest estimate, the loss will be more than 320,000 yuan, the head
The former is still doing
??. "

¦ 1000 Citrus million kilograms were buried

Wang Cangxian deputy magistrate in charge of agriculture Yin Fu-chung told reporters that at present the county need to be addressed in citrus fruit more than 10,000,000 kg, the government will come up with 3,000,000 yuan of funds for the unified purchase of pollution-free deal.

Yin Fu-chung said that in order to control the epidemic to prevent the spread of Wang Cangxian assigned to the industrial, commercial and Drug Administration, agriculture, forestry and other departments sent specialized personnel to all of the county's farm market, individual stalls selling citrus fruit to implement martial law
Grid monitoring
And quarantine, the maggot is strictly prohibited mandarin traded, and deal severely with maggots mandarin sales.

¦ According to the "Huaxi Dushi Bao"

Wangcang citrus orchards why large-scale outbreak of major diseases and insect pests fly? The incorrect use of the "Orange maggot" will not harm the body? Yesterday, for readers concerned about the issue, an interview with reporters on the staff of specialized agencies.

Sloppy management of outbreaks of pests and diseases is an important reason

Wang Cangxian?????agriculture bureau chief, said all summer, according to the records, the mid-1990s there were three Wangcang Township plant diseases and insect pests have emerged, as the group of experts organized by provinces and municipalities have taken strict measures to prevent and control, cut
Find out pests
Black township of all citrus trees, after a fairly long period of time Orangerie is "clean."

According to Xia Jun-ming, the large-scale outbreak of the "big fruit pests and diseases" in recent years with the owners and contractors to relax on the management of the orchard, where not a lot of soil, winter pruning, such as clearance of the park, not in place, such as pesticide spraying
Leading to diseases and insect pests
The outbreak of the important reasons.

In order to prevent the spread plant diseases and insect pests? Ying Wang Yun Yao much prized acres population induced a burning dragonfly? to the town of White as first-line areas, is strictly prohibited in the region citrus fruits and nursery stock sale, tune out
Transportation; especially in the East and West at both ends and the other counties
Zone at the junction of Whitewater, the two become timber checkpoint set up "checkpoints" by the agriculture, forestry and public security departments to send special inspection; assigned to the industrial, commercial and Drug Administration, agriculture, forestry and other departments sent staff to all of the county farm City
Market, individual stalls
Sales of citrus fruit to implement strict monitoring and quarantine.

This year the tube to live, how do the year after next, how to achieve "long-term stability"? It has been said all summer, according to the provinces and cities have the experience and conclusions of the meeting of experts in plant protection, the best approach is to create spaces for tree felling to be low after the graft,
In addition to that plant
Other economic trees. If you choose to graft low, we must strengthen management throughout the year, according to the soil in different seasons, pruning, fertilizing, spreading drugs, for 3-5 years in order to guarantee the basic big fly "disappeared."

The incorrect use of the "Orange maggots," the human body will not be affected much

According to the Agriculture Bureau in Guangyuan City?????related to staff, the citrus fruit fly is a parasite, has a strong hidden. Only a torn orange indeed in all aspects of meat, rice grains can be found in the length of the maggots and white, orange
Citrus can be easily
The incorrect use.

The incorrect use of the "Orange maggot" will not cause harm to the human body? CDC deputy director of the physicians in Guangyuan City, said Sun Wenming, a small amount of the incorrect use of maggots Orange will not have any problems at present there is no medical report of the disease. Customer
Purchase in citrus
Fruit, to be more careful, do not eat as much as possible, "Orange maggot", if the body does not immediately seek medical treatment.

The original message is as follows:




鸡鸣山果园是广元市有名的柑橘园。陈显阳老人把记者带到了一个刚刚采摘完果实的橘园,树上已空空荡荡,不留一枚果实。在一块? 喽云教沟牡胤剑��幻咨睢⑷��?









旺苍县分管农业的副县长殷扶炯告诉记者,目前全县需要处理的柑橘类果品超过1000 万公斤,政府将拿出300万元资金进行统一收购作无公害化处理。







为了防止病虫害蔓? 樱�旺�韵亟��爻撬��诘亩��诱蜓厥〉?线到白水镇一线划为疫区,严禁该区域柑橘类果实和苗木上市销售、向外调运;特别在东、西两端与其他县






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