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Thursday, March 27, 2008

eFiling for Malaysian Income Tax

This is the third year for e-Filing for Malaysia's Income Tax and I have to say that the process has improved dramatically.

In the first year, it was necessary to download the PDF for each person you want to file it for. There was also problems and teething issues in submitting the form.

On the second year, due to the above problem, the whole process completed ported to web based instead of dependent on Acrobat Reader. This made the filing much simpler but the printing was terrible. The pages did not align properly. Also with the electronic certificate, if you made a mistake and tried to get a new certificate, you had problem with Windows and had to create another account to redo the certificate. The other issue was since the certificate was embedded into your PC, you could not change the computer without losing the certificate (or for that matter lost it if you had to reinstall Windows).

This is the third year, it looks like the certificate is now stored on the server. The form is web based so it was easy to submit and finally, for printing, the output was in PDF so the alignment of the pages are now correct and it is easy to save a soft copy. Finally, the process of getting a new pin number was done very efficiently (unlike the previous years).

So I say bravo and thank you for the improvement :)
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